Friday, July 24, 2009

What do you do that requires faith? I found this question in Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love” and had to take a good, hard look at that. It doesn’t take much faith for me to go through my daily routines. Although I know I really can’t do a thing without God, I don’t find myself consciously looking to Him for the basics. But writing a blog and committing myself to do it, takes faith. Faith that it is God leading me to do it and also that He will express Himself through me as I am not known for my writing abilities. Even if all I have is an audience of ONE, I want to try to be faithful. As faithful as He has been to me. If you get a chance to read Chan’s book it will challenge you. If you don’t have time to read, go to his website click on videos and watch the “awe factor of God.” Looking at the images of billions of galaxies as it relates to my small place on the planet blew me away. It bolstered my faith as nothing has in a while. Only a minute long, it will leave an incredible image (via Hubble telescope) of the vastness of our universe and how HUGE our God is.