Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Forever Learning

I am forever learning about this thing called spiritual rest. When I get a call from someone close to me who is in a real crisis, I almost feel guilty that I’m not worried. I’m sure part of it stems from experiencing God’s faithfulness for so many years, and the Holy Spirit is always reminding me to enter into His rest. I pray for their peace while God is working but mostly just thank Him for what He is going to do to meet the need.

My “religious” side says I ought to be in travailing prayer. But that is something you can’t work up. Have you ever tried to make yourself cry? So I rest in Him, looking forward to the answer, knowing that it will, in His time, bring glory to His name.

Other times I get pulled into someone else’s turmoil without realizing it and am no help to anyone. That’s Satan’s strategy: to render us useless. I have to make myself set my eyes on Jesus, laboring to enter into His rest.

I guess there are no formulas. Thank God for His Spirit Who will lead us into each solution as only He can.