Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mel's Miracle

This is my friend, Mel, a fellow believer who works with me at the hospital. One afternoon a coworker found her slumped at her desk and rushed her down to the ER.

That particular moment I was by myself in x-ray, slammed with patients to be done and not feeling very spiritual. When two cat scan techs asked me to come help them with their patient, I admit to being quite irritated. "I'm too busy for this" I grumbled to myself. When I saw that the patient was Mel I immediately went to her and started to pray for God's intervention and healing. I knew the Holy Spirit had taken over. Mel told me later that in her condition, she couldn't speak. The only word she could say was JESUS!

What I didn’t know was that Mel had been alone in her office with the door locked that day. She couldn’t move or speak. Two people happened to walk by and one heard a cry for help. The other one didn’t. The one was so persistent that when they found the door was locked, she called for security to open the door, finding Mel.

It turned out she had a cerebral bleed that is often fatal if not destructive to the brain. Of course I was not the only one praying. Mel has a large family and praying church. But I was grateful to be a part of this miracle. The doctor who read her cat scan calls her a walking miracle and Mel gives all the praise to God

Our God is so deliberate. The right people at the right time, His wonderful healing power. I know He will forever use Mel’s testimony to influence our fellow coworkers at the hospital and hopefully this blog’s readers. If I know Mel, she will be singing the Lord’s praises forever!