Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mistaken Revelation

When I met Jesus in 1971, I was a junior in college. I was "zeal without wisdom." I knew just enough of His word to be dangerous. Finding out I was a child of the King was very pleasing to my fleshly "entitlement" mentality. No flip flops for me! Give me Prada! I was naming and claiming everything in sight without really knowing Him.
Fifteen years later, Bill and I were living in a little country shack with a tin roof and an occasional mouse. Other couples our age were buying or building their own homes and we were still renting (I know, we shouldn't compare ourselves). The Lord spoke to me very clearly, "Don't fall for the lie that more is better. Don't measure your worth by the things you possess."It's taking me thirty eight years to "get it."
Now I seek Him just to know Him, not for what He can give me. He is my reward. Nothing else matters. All I "thought" I needed was a lie from Satan. Jesus really is all I need.