Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is Kissy, our “retirement dog,” or so we thought. He is a 25 champion pedigree and we paid an exorbitant amount for him. “A good investment” we said. “His stud fees over the next 5-6 years should help us quite a bit” we said.The economy then crashed and no one was buying Lhasa Apsos or any other kind of extra mouth to feed.

About this time, God was dealing with me about entering into His rest. (I think this is becoming a recurrent theme) Rest about retirement, rest when Bill has no work, rest when they lay off people where I work and so on. Basically, rest is about trust. In 1 Chron.21:1, King David, under Satan’s influence, assessed his army. All his advisors told him this was a no no. But out of pride and maybe even fear, he wanted to know that all his bases were covered. God showed me not to assess my army. I do this by reading retirement books, looking to Kissy for extra income, considering a second job etc. I want the security of knowing “I’ll have enough to retire.” But God is more than enough! He wants me to seek first His kingdom.

There is a difference between counting the cost of something (wisdom) and counting your army (fear, in my case). Hebrews 4:3 says “His works were finished before the foundation of the world.” I can rest because my future has been taken care of since the foundation of the world. If we are resting in Him, we have ceased from our own works INTO His rest.