Monday, September 14, 2009

The Blessing of Waiting

I love the word “wait”. (Just kidding) Waiting is such a pleasurable pastime. Waiting for a notorious Plant City train, waiting in line at the DMV, waiting for a pregnancy to finally bring the baby, waiting three years for my husband to wallpaper over the sheetrock in the guest bathroom. The bathroom, ah, I could go on but will spare you.

I hate waiting but am learning to do it. Only through Christ who strengthens me. I have now been waiting one full year for the completion of our master bath renovation. Begging and crying do no good because ultimately God is using the wait as a pruning device.

The house above was our first rental thirty years ago in Orlando. Notice the hedge across the front of the house. This is a recent picture the hedge is still there. Not knowing what kind of plant it was, Bill decided to “prune that ugly hedge.” When he was done, it looked dead. I thought “Oh no, what will the landlord say?” But about 9 months later that hedge was so full of azalea blooms you couldn’t put your finger between them.

Waiting is like being pruned. Sometimes we can even look and feel spiritually dead. But in the fullness of God’s time we will bear wonderful fruit and lots of it if we don’t faint dead away.

I Corinthians 13:4 says “Love suffers long.” One translation says “Love is never tired of waiting”, a worthy goal I will never attain without God doing it in me. I am better, just not there yet.