Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choose Life!

I just finished the first two books in the 9-11 series by Karen Kingsbury. I love how she uses God’s voice to speak to her characters and teach them life lessons. Choose LIFE was a neon sign to me. Not a pro-life statement, but choosing life in everyday circumstances. When co-workers start to gossip, do I join in (death) or choose life? When someone close to me is venting and complaining about the things out of their control, do I grab hold and go down with them or listen and empathize but detach, releasing them to God and choose life?

We all know negative people. I dare say we all can be negative at times. But we can choose life in the words Jesus gives us. I’m not talking denial here. Just facing what is and choosing the life route through it.

I hear many negative things in regards to our government lately. I tend to agree. But I choose life. I am a sojourner, my citizenship is from somewhere else and my king is the King of Kings. What better LIFE can there be? Of course when we do this our enemy won’t like it. He is already fighting it. But, hey, he’s been defeated! Woohoo! Now that's life!