Thursday, September 17, 2009

God's Waiting Room

When I was a new Christian, I felt like God told me I would be married the following October. Well, October came and went and I was still single and greatly humiliated as I had told everyone I knew. God did say I’d be married, but I tacked on the date.

In the Word, we consistently see “when the fullness of time had come”…God’s fullness of time, not ours. If God had told me I would be waiting another 6 years, I think I would have wigged out. In hindsight, I had a lot of stuff to be dealt with before I got married and so did my future husband.

When we find ourselves in God’s waiting room we can whine and question or we can use the time to let Him prepare us for the next step in our lives. Isaiah 64:4 says that God works for those who wait for Him. While we’re waiting, God is working.

There’s a chorus that says God is an “on time” God. He has a set time. Sometimes it’s 11:59. I think our fretfulness in His waiting room stems from wanting to know when.
When Lord, when? We set deadlines for God. Our imaginations take over. We start speculating. (i.e. We were sure both of our children were going to be boys. Yep, bought everything in blue.)

I still have trouble waiting but this I know, God won’t let me down but it will be by His plan and HIS time, not mine.