Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was reading something the other day from . She was talking about Adam and Eve in the garden. The big temptation with Eve was not that she was hungry. After all, she could eat anything the garden grew. The temptations were multiple: to eat when she wasn’t hungry (Karen’s point), to want something she couldn’t have (my point), to feel like God was depriving her (even when she had all the other fruit to eat), and to take things into her own hands because, of course, she felt like God was depriving her. The list goes on.

I have seen all of the above working in my life at one time or another. Satan is not very original. No matter where we fit in the timeline, we all fall for the same lies. I guess it all boils down to, “Hath God said?” Did God really say that? Does God really expect me to comply with His word? Oh, He’ll forgive me, right? Yes, He forgives us; again and again. Praise God for His mercy. But He also wants us to grow in discernment, learning to distinguish His voice from all others. He wants us to know if we walk closely with Him, He won’t withhold any good thing. (Psalm 84:11) If it isn’t a good thing, He will not give it(Matthew7:10, 11).

Like any good father, He knows what’s best for yesterday, today and forever. Now, if we would just believe that!