Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rest in a Storm

Believing is a big part of spiritual rest. But believing and resting during a storm?

When I find I am battling against doubt and unbelief, I ask God to give me a word to stand on. It may not come that day, but eventually He gives me something specific to the situation. Our God is deliberate and it always amazes me how into detail He is.

When Brittany was a baby, I found out she had a congenital problem that could affect her health. I was stressed big time and that night could not go to sleep. I asked God to please speak to me.

Of course, He knew I was way overreacting as Satan was putting fear into my heart. He also knew He would be healing her two years later.

He gave me the neatest mental picture of Jesus asleep in the boat during a storm (Luke 8:23). Then He said “Jesus slept during a storm. He lives in you so you can go to sleep in your storm”. He doesn’t usually speak to me that fast but I’m glad He did, proving again that worry is never the solution and that He is EVERY solution. Even in the very middle of a storm.