Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comic Relief

I am convinced that God put Sandifer in my life for comic relief. Sandifer (named for the sandy colored fur) was dropped on his head as a kitten and we’ve always joked that he hasn’t been quite right ever since.

If you’ve ever had a cat you know that they can be walking normally by and all of a sudden, jump up spin around and run the other way. Pure entertainment.

Today while I was having a quiet time, I was very seriously pondering all the things going on in our lives. Health issues, money issues, uncertain future etc. I looked over and there sat Sandifer who had caught site of himself in a mirror, cocking his head this way and that. It made me smile and I felt like the Lord was saying, “Martha, Martha, life is short. Too short to take thought for tomorrow. Take time to enjoy it. Laugh a little. Seek Me first and all these other things shall be taken care of.” I could immediately feel myself relax.

So it seems comic relief is another wonderful thing God has created. I guess if he can speak through a donkey, he can use a cat!