Monday, January 4, 2010

Marriage Talk

You’d think after 32 years , I could share much wisdom of how to make a good marriage. Well, the truth is, I am still and forever learning. (Oh, how funny. Bill is in the other room as I type this and we both just sneezed at the same time! I guess it’s a sign of hope that there really is some unity. Ha Ha)

We recently had a “discussion” about respect. I think the discussion was one-sided but I took it to the Lord. As most things in our marriage, God usually starts with me, then eventually gets to Bill. Most women I talk to say the same thing. Anyway, the first step with me is always to ask the Lord to soften my heart toward Bill as I have usually hardened it with his rebuke. This may take an hour or a day depending on how miserable I want to feel. Once God softens my heart I am ready to hear from Him how I may remedy the situation. It usually calls for dying to my pride, laying down the desire to be “right” or “more spiritual” and once this is accomplished, the battle is pretty much won. Then He helps me to “see” it all how He sees it and we work on it together. Not to say that all problems get solved in a day (or 1 hour like the shows on TV). But humility is always the best start. We are not naturally humble so it takes the Lord to even do that in us. But it can be done. Look at it this way, on our death bed, is it really going to matter who was right or who was wrong?