Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spiritual + Natural

When Jesus called Peter and Andrew to be His disciples, they were fishermen. He told them He would make them fisher of men.

Often our trade ends up being similar to our spiritual gift. Now I’m not trying to make a doctrine out of this. I just have observed this for a while and think it’s really neat. All of the below are women I know:

Marcia is an RN. She is a very nurturing person and often prays for the sick. I believe she has gifts of helps and compassion.

Michelle is a pastor’s wife. As a teenager, she was a cheerleader. I believe she has the gift of encouragement because she is forever cheering people on in their walk with God.

Me. I am an x-ray tech. X-rays diagnose problems; get to the root, not the surface of what seems to be. I have a prophetic gift.

Kristen is highly organized. She organizes and manages an office and is executive secretary to a senior pastor. She operates in gifts of administration.

Brittany works in customer service. She is a friend to the friendless and seeks them out. She makes them feel welcome and important. The gift of compassion operates in her.

I’m sure this observation doesn’t happen to fit everybody. But it’s fun to find the connection. Jesse Duplantis says Jesus adds His super to our natural.