Monday, February 22, 2010

Faith speaks

OK, I think I’m finally getting this. I’ll have to meditate on it for a while. Our pastor, Bill Sullivan, has been teaching us to pray the answer. When praying for someone, pray the answer to their need. I will take this a step further. If I get a negative thought about someone, stop right then and pray the answer.

Let’s say I start thinking of a co worker who may really be going through some rough times. I don’t just think about them, I use the opportunity to stop what I am doing and pray their answer. Maybe Satan is using someone to attack me. My first inclination is to be defensive. I may even rebuke the spirit behind it, but I need to get over myself and any bad feelings I may have, forgive the person, and pray their answer. I am a people person and can find myself very invested in people’s lives. I must use this as an opportunity to pray the answer for them.

Just yesterday, in church, I leaned over to my husband and said, “Scott (worship leader) has lost his voice.” He had been sick and found it hard to sing. My husband said, “Pray for him.” Duhhhh! Instead of just noticing something wrong and even talking about it, PRAY.

In the past, I have prayed some prayers like this: “Lord, just help them hang on till the end.” Just what is that supposed to mean! I have a friend with cancer. You better believe I am NOT praying this prayer for her. I know it is God’s will to heal and that’s how I’m praying. I am believing that God is showing me this to work a change in my life and my perspective about others. Hope it helps you too.