Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bull Market or Golden Calf

I was checking my email today when I found this ad on the side of the page. The picture of the bull caught my attention and I remembered my previous post on the golden calf. It’s hard sometimes to relate things like this to how we live today. But the same symbol is used making me think there might be a connection.

In today’s economy, it’s easy to get all wrapped up in the love of money and how to make more of it. This is not always motivated by greed. Some of us may be motivated by fear of the future or fear of being deprived; wanting to make sure we’ll be ok. It’s a normal fleshly response but it is also looking to ourselves for provision instead of God. When we focus on anything other than God, it is in fact, worshipping it. I’m not saying we can’t look to our jobs to provide for us. But what if we don’t have a job, or our hours or pay are cut?

The world may look for another bull market but I know that God commands the stock market so why not look to Him for wisdom.