Monday, March 1, 2010

Seasons of Womanhood

To the newly married wife who thought marriage was her goal in life: marriage is a tool God uses to mold you into the image of His Son.

To the young mother who thought that children would be the fulfillment of all her dreams: let God fill that role. He is your fulfillment.

To the 40 something woman looking back on her life, disappointed and disillusioned that things or people didn’t change like she thought they would: God still has a plan; it’s just not your plan.

To the menopausal woman whose children are grown: the best is yet to come. Share the wisdom you have learned in the school of life.

To the elderly woman now alone and feeling useless: You are never useless as long as you can breathe a prayer or lift your heart in praise. Let your life-song sing, for it won’t be long till you reach your true destiny!