Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hiawassee Surprises

More and more I am seeing that change I talked about in an earlier post. We are driving from the Blue Ridge Mountains back to Florida as I am typing this. Our week in Hiawasse brought a lot of surprises.

First off it was a free week given to us by friends at their beautiful rental cabin. The first morning there God’s presence showed up during my devotional time. It was so strong; all I could do was weep. It was very cleansing and refreshing to my spirit.

On Sunday, we went to the morning and evening services at a church we had gone to on our last vacation. The pastor might as well have said, “Bonnie Toney, these sermons are just for you.” The rest of the week was a flood of direction from the Holy Spirit. I felt as if He used this week to establish us in the Spirit there. We are putting an offer on a house when we get home. It is a foreclosure at a very cheap price. If the bank accepts it, we will still live in Florida until we can prepare our house to sell. Of course there are a lot of steps to take in this exciting journey before we are actually Georgia citizens. But I know in my “knower” that this is from God.

I will keep you updated on our life change!