Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seated with Christ

O.K., how do I say this nicely? I had a day where my expectations of my husband were not met. That caused disappointment. I let that slide into a pity party of which nobody came. I went further into despair. “God” I said, “Please speak to me. Give me a word from You to stand on. I am sinking fast.”

It didn’t happen right away. I went into work feeling pretty low. But you know, God can speak through anyone. I was listening to some computer people at work talking about a problem with the new system. One of the guys said, “It’s a positional problem.” When he said that, it was like a neon sign from heaven.

A positional problem. Thank you, Lord. You see, I’ve been reading John Bevere’s book called “Honors’ Reward”. I recently finished the chapter on wives honoring their husbands. I’m not to honor him because he is all that, but to honor the “position” he holds in God, that of King and Priest in our home.

I’m not to judge whether his actions warrant honor. Only to look at him positionally.
Also, I am to remember that I am, positionally, seated with Christ in heavenly places, dead to the things of this world. Those things in the world are the things I get disappointed about. I am so thankful for a heavenly Father I can go to for instruction even if it does hurt my flesh. It’s supposed to be dead, anyway!