Saturday, August 28, 2010

God's grace

I know this picture is hard to look at. I didn't post the rest of them. They showed very graphically this little boys arm being crushed by a car. He is Muslim and was caught stealing bread in the market. Their Islamic law says to punish this way. How horrid. I prayed for him that as he grew, God would reveal Himself to Him as merciful ,wonderful savior and that this could be used for a glorious testimony.

All through the Bible, Jesus is called God's right arm. This morning, God showed me just as we could not keep the Mosaic Law, punishment had to be given. God extended His own "Right arm", Jesus, to be crushed for our sin and inability to keep the law. What love the Father has shown to us and what mercy. He has given us His righteousness, what we could have never produced and entrance into His wonderful presence. Please pray for this little boy.