Friday, August 13, 2010

Stuck in a Loop

I know if you use computers you’ve experienced the frozen moment; it’s stuck in time, trying to work but can’t move from the page you’re on. You hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and the Task Manager shows up and with it, you try to end the program. Most times a “not responding” window pops up and asks you if you want to end it. On my computer, I say yes and the whole internet shuts down. I don’t think it’s supposed to do that. I think the whole idea of the Task Manager is just to stop the “loop”.

Spiritually speaking, we can also find ourselves in a loop. Going around that same mountain, just like the Israelites. We don’t seem to be growing; we’re stuck.

There are too many things to list here that cause our loops, but some are: resentment, rebellion, independence (from God and His people), unbelief and bitterness. At this point in time, I am struggling with a beam in my own eye that stems from a self righteous attitude toward my husband. It seems so easy to judge him and his motives but it does nothing but send me into the loop. It’s then when our wonderful “Task Manager”, the Holy Spirit, comes to my aid that the loop stops. He shows me my own “beam” and I realize how ludicrous it is for me to judge anything!
As I look back, I am comforted that there are many mountains He has helped me to conquer. I also know there are many more to climb. Thanks be to God who ALWAYS causes us to triumph in Christ!