Friday, September 24, 2010

God's Kingdom Economy

All my Christian life I have heard the phrase “You can’t out give God”. It sounded good. I’ve always been a tither and God has ALWAYS taken care of me and my family. Never missed a meal (although some were quite interesting.)
This year we have seen this in relation to vacations. There was a season when the kids were young that we didn’t have money for vacations. We didn’t die. We just came up with things locally to do for fun. The beach was a favorite since it was free.
Now that the kids are grown there is time and money for such, but the Lord led us to give our vacation week to someone else. A few weeks later, we were given a free week at a friend’s mountain cabin. And now, at the end of summer, we’ve been given a free week at the beach. I marvel at God and His kingdom economy. Here we are in a very tight, slow season for Bill’s work, and God is sending us on a free vacation. God is not about the American dollar. He is about providing for His kids. He is not worried about economic downturns and He doesn’t want us worrying about them either. His supply never ends and even though a vacation is not necessary for survival, it sure is nice, especially when you know it comes from His hand.