Tuesday, May 24, 2011

His hands and feet.

Still thinking of the crucified life. When I see Jesus on the cross, I don’t focus on the nailed hands or feet. But everything has meaning in the Word and I feel like the Lord showed me that piercing the hands and feet means a couple of things.

As humans, we are proud of the “work of our hands”. Even as Christians, we can be proud of the things God does through us even though the power came through Him. Especially as Christians, we can be proud of our “walk” in Him. But it is all flesh and has to die.

Our hands help us to protect ourselves from danger, our feet to run speedily away. But He is our protection. Our hands and feet help us to provide for ourselves. But He is Jehovah Jireh. Our hands provide comfort to others and even ourselves. (Have you ever stubbed your toe? Your hand goes immediately to minister to it.) But He is the Comforter.

If we let Him, He will work in us and thru us to be HIS hands and feet. This is the crucified life.