Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Under His Wings

I love this picture. It is so beautiful and meaningful. I wish I could find out who the photographer was. What a great shot.
It's been a trying year. My back
injury kept me out of work for 7 weeks.At the same time, my husband had a stroke, my mother passed away andhusband back in the hospital with severe bleeding. Through it all, though, there has been thepeace that passes understanding and healing for our bodies and souls.
This morning, I heard the words to a song
that spoke to me :"Know His strenth in quietness and trust." I thought of the chicks in the picture. Not trying to flap around trying to"fix" or "control" things, just snuggled under mama's
strong and comfy wings, trusting in her strength and love to care for them. Great "aha" moment.